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I’m Whitney Sause


Life Coach & Reiki Master

Inner Peace | Growth | Authenticity

What is your next step?


You may have been taught that being “selfish” is a bad thing, but we can only GIVE when we are fully charged, which means self-care isn’t selfish.

It’s the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and others. 

Client Reflections

I've been seeing a therapist for the last year. While I have made much progress in my mental health and understanding how I operate, I hadn't been able to make many strides toward my sense of self-worth. I lacked motivation and belief in myself to make my dreams a reality. Until my call with Whitney.

With every question came a revelation. She's so pleasant to talk to and so patient with the conversation. In one phone call, Whitney had me laughing, crying, and ultimately unlocking parts of myself I forgot I needed to address. I found myself immediately convicted to take my life by the horns and step into my true Self. Into my power.


Monika Jeanné

Founder of Tablestory

I am really honored to have the opportunity to learn and grow with Whitney. She is a gifted LISTENER, TEACHER, and COACH.

Her life experiences have given her the ability to hold a loving space to listen to anyone, going through anything, as a LISTENER.

She is able to tap into her vast array of knowledge and tools that she has developed for herself and apply that as a TEACHER.

Then you take all that put in a blender with her ex-military experience. You end up with a COACH who will hold you accountable to getting you out of whatever stuckness is keeping you from reaching your true potential.


Eric Ewing

"Stage 4" Ninja Warrior competitor & Cancer Recovery Coach

I had major shifts in my life and my mentality. It even started in week one. In week one, I walked away with a different belief in myself as a leader. Not just in my community, but also in my household. That’s what Conscious Leadership Course did for me. It allowed me the ability to take a chance on myself. I was coming out of postpartum as a new mom and it was my first event that I went to in person and it truly just shifted everything. I went from not having anything up anywhere, to having a full business and product. I just made my first product sale yesterday! This all happened within a matter of 60-days with taking the CLC. It is going to make a difference in your life and I hope you take a chance on you!


Lauren Hooligan

Chief Excitement Officer of Altar'Native Moms

Whitney provides a safe space to be yourself. She's warm, insightful, and fun to talk to. She's also challenging but always supportive.

Her Conscious Leaders Course has helped me explore different areas of my life and work around those to create a clearer message as the leader that I already am.

Her insight and empathetic, caring nature makes her a truly unique and inspiring. I've enjoyed having her as a coach and be able to learn and grow from her wisdom and experiences.


Claudia Alcantara

Founder of Live To Thrive Coaching


I have been able to develop many new habits that have had massive results in my life. From you holding me accountable and the continuous masterminds we have had, I have improved immensely in writing in my journal which has led me to keep moving forward and remind me of things that are so important to stay humble and give more and more. You have challenged me to maintain high standards and kept me on my toes as a young entrepreneur, you challenge me to think about so many more things and move forward at a tremendous rate, to stay flexible, and flowing, to question my story and re-create my stories to breakthrough to a whole new level. 

Thank you for all your help! I feel so much lighter and much less restrained. To be honest I didn’t know I was feeling restrained until that pressure was lifted off.


Daniel Frank

Founder of Limitless Marketing

The Conscious Leadership course doesn't just teach you how to be a better leader, it reminds you that you already are one. My biggest take away from this course was releasing a deep seated fear. This fear was holding me back and after Whitney's course I feel even more confident in my ability as a leader. I also feel I am better able to lead; serving the heart and compassion rather than the "need to fix". I was also taught to lead myself in the way. Life is easier to enjoy because of Whitney's teachings.


Gabrielle Williams

Founder Of Gabrielle Wellness

The greatest takeaway I received from Conscious Leadership Course was that you can be a leader at any time, you can make the difference once you try. Also being vulnerable with anyone, and allowing yourself to be you is so important in any situation! I have felt a calling to get deeper into what gives me passion. Following my inner voice and becoming one with that, you have truly inspired me.

I would definitely recommend and have! Because everyone deserves to see they do have a voice and can be who they want, even if they are stuck in addiction or trauma.


Ella Meyer

I learned a lot and was able to look deeper into my limiting beliefs. The class has helped me a lot in regards to looking at my limiting beliefs, my daily routines, and also watching you gave me more confidence in pursuing my dreams as well. Yes, of course, I am open to recommend this course to anyone that would benefit from it.


Robert Haggard

Founder of Wake Up Kansas City

Whitney is an amazing coach. She is professional, caring, kind, structured and 100% dedicated to her clients. As an active client of Whitney’s, I fully trust the process and information that she presents in our sessions/calls. She is hard working. Her availability is great. 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND for anyone wanting to do some soul searching, meditation, & leadership, she’s your girl! 


Chelsea Young

Arbonne Leader

Whitney guided the way for me so that I could work to find my inner self. I am currently still working to fully find myself but in just two months I have seen so much progress. Whitney taught me to self-love once again. She helped me identify how I am feeling and to acknowledge my feelings. I went from being angry 24/7 to now being happy almost every single day.

I am still human so I still have my down days but Whitney has taught me that I am always in control of myself and my emotions. I am currently enrolled in a group coaching by Whitney that starts this month and I am super excited to continue to work with her. I felt the need to share how much Whitney has impacted my life, so that maybe whoever comes across this is inspired to reach out to my coach so that they too can have the help that they need to find their inner peace.


Maria Romero


Hey Goddess! I'm glad you're here.

My Name is Whitney Sause.

After six years in the Army as a Military Police- I am now a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Meditation Teacher,  certified NLP Practitioner, blogger, dedicated yogi, international traveler, and lover of all animals, especially my German Shepard side-kick, Cooper.


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