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About Whitney Sause

Empowering Women To Cultivate Inner Peace  

My Story

My core values are LOVE & GROWTH.

At age 18, I enlisted in the Army as a Military Police to escape my traumatic life at home. During my time in service, I learned what it meant to be a leader.

The Military armed me with a thick level of armor to protect my heart from ever being hurt again. In this season of my life, I was incredibly angry and aggressive.  I was programmed. Because of sexual trauma, I had a huge fear of intimacy.

In 2018, I hit rock bottom. I had a spiritual awakening that caused a shift in consciousness. I was seeing everything in this world with a new filter. The fog was lifted.

After three years of intense coaching, training, & inner-work- I’m now coaching motivated women in groups and one-on-one to empower themselves and become deeply confident in their ability to create and lead with love. I believe in inspiring others to explore ideas, connections, and spirituality to unlock their highest-self and understand their divine soul purpose.

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