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Have you been feeling the collective energy shifts? 


Avoiding world issues seems to no longer be an option, which is great!  People are being forced to get uncomfortable and deal with ancient conditioning. Hello, change! 

As COVID forced us into our homes, we had the chance to go internal. If your experience was anything like mine- a lot of shit came up. Don’t forget, shit coming up is a GOOD thing! 


Triggers arise to show us areas that we need to heal. 


As COVID asked us to go inward, we had more time than ever to explore WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE WANT. (If you didn’t take the time to do that, now’s your chance to get started.)


Now, as the world protests the murder of Geoge Floyd, we are asked to look inward again as we acknowledge what privilege means to us. 


It can be challenging to remember what is important to us if we aren’t clear on what we stand for. This week (and every week) I encourage you to do a meditation followed by reflection. In your reflection, ask yourself “What do I stand for?”

Do you want change? Do you want peace? Better communication? Love? Money? A bigger house? A new government? Answers? A new job? What does your SOUL want RIGHT NOW?


You can ask your higher self to guide you to the answers that you need. 


I strongly encourage you to be extremely mindful of where your attention is right now. There have been multiple nights where I was up past my bedtime scrolling Facebook as my blood boiled. I wasn’t serving anyone by doing that. How can you make a difference right now while also putting self-care first?


It is healthy to put our needs first.


If you are feeling called to take action, do it from inspiration, not fear. 

This week, what do you want? How can you take inspired action to move towards it? How can you make the process enjoyable? 


Let me know your thought’s on this and please share if you feel called. Sending so much love to you.

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