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Inner Peace Comes From Discipline and Training.

Good news for us Westerners, we love taking action! Except, this isn’t the kind of action you are probably thinking. When we think of “action” we think more of a strong movement in a forward direction towards a specific desired outcome. The type of action I am speaking of is a lot more challenging for us. Slowing down is the action that leads us to the internal bliss that we are seeking.

In the past, the Western Hemisphere hasn’t exactly set us up for success when it comes to internal peace. It’s totally possible now and becoming easier and easier, but we have to create some strong habits and boundaries. If you are in the Western world with me, you know that we have been conditioned to GO GO GO and DO DO DO. We have been taught to be achievement-based, which is fun! We are here to evolve and expand, but many people seem to be forgetting a really important piece of this puzzle.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience

Not the other way around. Our spirit/soul incarnated into a human body. When we transition into our next form (die), our spirit will leave the human body, and we will be free-roaming energy. We are the awareness of the experience. The watcher of the thoughts. Not the thinker. When we become conscious that we are not our thoughts, we can become free of stress, anxiety, worry, and fear.


Our soul needs discipline in order to reach heightened states of performance and fulfillment.

You might have resistance to discipline if you have inner conflict about your current standards.  This happens when something within you knows that you are capable of more but you are resisting it because you feel safe where you are. The unknown is scary. Inner peace requires training in areas like breath-work, meditation, and yogaThere will only be resistance if these habits are new and need to be built.


When we are children, our parents, teachers, and community leaders set the “standard”.

Sometimes the example that we witnessed was not congruent with what we needed, but that is what we saw, and so we adopted it as our own.

Now, you are an adult and you are free to make the decision to recreate your personal standard. You need to adjust your internal thermostat to the temperature that you DESIRE in each area of your life.

Are you living up to your potential in each area? Are you holding on to a story that is holding you from stepping into the next level?


Send me an email and let me know what new habits you are adopting as you step into the next version of yourself. Inflate your new truth with life as you write it and make it a tangible form. Once you share it, it is alive! 



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