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Personal Empowerment Coaching



Everything you seek is within you

For female veterans who want to release anxiety, self-doubt, and lack of trust to align with their most confident and authentic selves, and feel excited about their future.


Release the fears, doubt, judgement, and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from your most authentic self and connection.


You are complete and perfect just the way you are. By embracing your past and accepting the present moment, you can embody divine wisdom and soul confidence.


By surrendering to the present moment with gratitude, you can begin to accept change and feel exited about each moment.

How I Can Help

I offer one-to-one coaching , group coaching, and self-paced courses to help you reach a level of confidence, peace, and authentic connection.

1:1 Coaching


Specific To Your Needs

Direct Feedback


Personalized Success Plan

Expedited Learning

No Distractions

More Space For Breakthroughs

Stronger Bond With Whitney

Includes Online Courses

Online Group Coaching

Transformational Experience

Proven Strategies And Tactics

Focus On One Core Problem

Battle Buddy System

Private Group Support

Access To Recordings

Peer Reflections

Consistent Meeting Times

Like-Minded Connections

Self-Paced Courses

Easily Accessible

Complete On Your Time

Review Any Time

More Affordable

Remain Anonymous

Always Available

Growth At Your Comfort Level

Feel comfortable in your own skin with virtual coaching

10 Reasons to work with me

  1. You desire support in defining your vision

2. You want to feel more gentle and at ease

3. You want to learn how to be at peace with the present moment

4. You want to confidently communicate your needs in any situation

5. You long for healthy authentic relationships

6. You want to have more energy

7. You want to uplevel your health, self-worth, or career

8. You wish to feel more passionate about life

9. You crave powerful feminine support

10. You’re ready to get unstuck and effortlessly flow with life

Let’s Chat

It’s my passion to serve the women who have fought for our country’s freedom. Have a question or want to connect? Send me a message!


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