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Whitney Sause

Spiritual Guide & Fellow Traveler 

About Whitney

Whitney Sause is a US Army veteran, Dharma practitioner, certified life coach, meditation teacher, healer, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, dedicated yogini, international traveler, Capricorn, & lifelong student.

Whitney is soulfully empowering healers, coaches, & influencers to create the life-changing curriculum that they wished they had and reach the next level in their impactful business.

She began sharing with others how to connect with their higher self, express themselves authentically, and command the energy in any room when she integrated her own ego and aligned with the Buddha nature that lives within each of us.

Whitney is a student of self-awareness. As she deepens her own practice with the Dharma, she is able to the true nature of others more clearly and free of judgment.

This Kansas City native is an active adventurer who loves putting her bare feet in the dirt with her German Shepard, Cooper. Whitney loves to read, write, and relax in nature. Whitney loves to travel to new places to spread her light.

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