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Whitney Sause

Self-Awareness Student & Teacher 


About Whitney

Whitney Sause is a Veteran, Buddhist Practitioner, Starseed, Certified Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, dedicated Yogini, international traveler, Capricorn(x4) , & lifelong student.

Whitney is soulfully empowering women to navigate their life-changing experiences and reach the next level in their spiritual practices. She began sharing with others how they can embody their inner Goddess, Divine Feminine, & authentic sexual energy though self-care practices and rituals so they can feel passion in every area of their life.

Whitney is a student of Psycho-Cybernetics and serves others in creating Freedom Plans for success using her custom Habit Tracking Tools & accountability. She works with clients using techniques like cognitive mapping, mantras, and breathwork to teach present moment awareness, enabling you to reach your desired outcome. 

She is an active adventurer who loves putting her bare feet in the dirt with her German Shepard, Cooper. Whitney loves to read, write, and relax in her hammock. She loves to go hiking and camping. Whitney also loves to travel to new places so that she can make new deep connections all over the world.

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