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Empowering Awakening Souls

1:1 Coaching | Spiritual Growth | Energy Healing

This is for you if

1. You have low self-confidence

2. You know you have a bigger mission

3. Deeply Desire Inner Peace

4. Want To Feel More Authentic

5. Ready To Develop Your Spiritual Practices

What Is Life Coaching?

Can Coaching Help Me Discover My Purpose?

Whitney will dive deep into your greatest desires and uncover what has been blocking you from creating passionately and attracting all that you desire.

As you create momentum in mindfulness habits, your purpose in life will become more clear and you will begin taking  effortless inspired action towards a life you don’t need vacation from. 

Will Coaching Help Me Feel More Confident?

Coaching can empower you to build a strong, positive, meaningful relationship with yourself.  

Whitney’s goal is to provide you with an experience that will help you passionately fall in love with yourself and connect deeply to the energy within you. In gaining clarity through creating your Personal Principles, you will cultivate the confidence to fearlessly share your deepest truths with anyone.


Can Coaching Help Me Find Motivation?

Motivation is a fear based response. Inspiration is the process of being magnetically drawn towards creating. Whitney’s coaching focuses on removing fear & cultivating inspiration so that you can find and maintain a flow-state.

You will uncover why you are internally resistant to progress and create a protocol to activate unlimited inspired action.

How It Works

Client Application

If you are interested in private Coaching, fill out the application below to help us better understand your needs. 


Choose A Plan

Whitney will reach out to schedule a discovery call & determine the best plan for you based on your needs & budget.

Reach Your Goals

Embrace the growth and positive changes in your life as you rediscover yourself with a committed Coach & Healer.